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How long are our leases?
Most of our leases are 12 months.  Contact us about a specific property for more details.
When is rent due?
1st of the month
How do I know if I can afford the rent?
Your rent should be no more than 1/3 of your gross monthly income.
Do I need renter's insurance?
Yes, you need to carry renters insurance.  It is inexpensive and necessary.
Who does yard maintenance/snow removal?
You will provide your own yard maintenance and snow removal.
Can I have work done on the house/property? 
Any work done on the property needs prior authorization from the owner.  Contact us about your plans and we will get in touch with the owner.
Who do I contact about utilities?
We will give you an information sheet at lease signing regarding utility companies.  If you would like information on current utility costs, it is in your interest to call the companies you would be using.
Can I have cable/satellite installed?
Usually yes.  Give us a call about a specific property.


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