Pride in Caring...

We started as a husband and wife team about 17 years ago when we purchased our first investment property.  We managed that for several years and would have considered more but the cost to get into them was too high at the time.   The market took a down turn and we saw it as an opportunity to invest in more rental properties and to try our hand at doing a house flip. 
We have done well with all of our endeavors and enjoy doing everything from finding tenants, doing renovations and remodels, handyman work, and the occasional repair call from a tenant.
A few years ago we were approached by a family member who couldn't sell their mother's home.   They knew we had a few rentals of our own and didn't know where to start...  they wanted our help.   That spurred us to look into what it would take to manage rental properties for others and we went into business as Pinnacle Property Group, Inc. 
We have found that we really enjoy helping owners manage thier properties, whether they are an investor, or just trying to bridge the gap until it is a better time to sell. 
We feel we have gathered together a great team to work together to make sure you get the best quality care and workmanship that we know how to provide.  We strive to provide attention to detail that both owners and tenants appreciate.
In 2017 we decided to take our love of real estate and people one step forward and have joined the sales team at the leading real estate office in Kokomo, The Hardie Group.
We like to get to know you, and you us, and find that communication is very important in our business. 
- Suzie & Mark Bradford



Whether you're moving out, moving in, or just moving on, let us help you find, rent or sell that property for you!

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